• RE: UDive Bali “Price Inquiry & Schedule Planning”

    Help to reply to him —–Original Message—– From: UDive Bali Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 10:30 AM To: frankielimcj@gmail.com Subject: UDive Bali “Price Inquiry & Schedule Planning” From: Joshua Zhou Subject: Price Inquiry & Schedule Planning Message Body: Hi Udive, I am planning a trip to Tulamben to get both OW+AOW licenses, I wonder if 5 days would be enough for that? And how much would be the total cost? I might get the flight ticket for around Aug. 23rd….

  • 潛水的條件- 新闻报道

    近幾年國內海上活動的熱潮從浮潛升級為潛水,這種以前被認為是外國人的 活動,現在也備受國人歡迎。加上馬來西亞又是知名的國際潛水勝地,不來好好 瞭解這項運動,那就實在太遺憾了。  

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